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Tomato Season

What do you think of when you see tomatoes? I think of the famous musician Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles, a rock band from Liverpool, England in the 1960s. Paul is alive and well and still performing. You'll understand why I associate his musical tour with tomatoes when you read my upcoming essay about going to one of his concerts. If you've never seen Paul in concert, you must go. He is a magician onstage with a performance so pleasing that you'll want to deliver a bushel of fresh tomatoes backstage for the band.


When a fourteen-year-old girl and her feminist grandmother fight to save historic oak trees lining Main Street in small Southern town, an all-male city council and their mayor become irate. They're in the business of creating jobs and see widow Laney Gordon as a radical busybody poking around in town business without any leadership credentials. But Laney decides to teach her granddaughter Maggie a lesson in civic responsibility. Laney has no way to know Maggie will teach her more important lessons about loyalty and value of friendship. THE OAKS OF MCCORD is Mary Eaddy's first novel, published in 2010 by Bella Rosa Books.
The response of teenagers to this book has been tremendous, so the author is available to speak with English classes and civic groups. As a Southern author of mysteries and thrillers, Mary is active in many writers groups and is in regular touch with other writers, especially women throughout the South.
To buy THE OAKS OF MCCORD, please visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Bella Rosa Books at

New book from University of South Carolina Press

"Tobacco Roads," an essay by Mary Eaddy about the beauty of asphalt in South Carolina's Pee Dee Region, has been published in a collection called STATE OF THE HEART: SC AUTHORS ON THE PLACES THEY LOVE, edited by Aida Rogers and published by the University of South Carolina Press . Aida, formerly editor of SANDLAPPER MAGAZINE, has collected essays from writers across the Palmetto State.

Aida is a talented writer and editor whose wide network of writers and Southern literary characters provide continuous color in her collections published through the University of South Carolina Press.

I will join Aida for a presentation in McClellanville later this fall.

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